Understanding Lipoedema – The painful fat disease

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Whilst The Art of Vein Care does not treat lipoedema directly, we do treat lipoedema related vein conditions and can refer to other lipoedema practitioners if required, such as lipoedema surgeons and manual lymphatic drainage therapists. 

What is lipoedema?
Lipoedema is a painful fat disorder that causes accumulated fat in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin and a cellulite appearance.
Unlike normal fat, it does not respond to diet and exercise, and tends to flare up around times of hormonal change such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
Other hallmarks of lipoedema include an hourglass shape rather than apple, with a small top half (size 8-10) and a large bottom half (size 14-16 common).
Leg fat is soft and wobbly, legs may be cool to the touch many women with this connective tissue disorder are double jointed or highly flexible.
Not everyone with lipoedema will have underlying vein disease, but it is concurrent for many.
For women considering liposuction surgery for lipoedema, surgeons now request a Duplex ultrasound to assess vein function first.

What are signs of current vein issues with Lipoedema?

– Dark Veins
– Achy, heavy legs
– Burning legs
– Restless legs
– Itchy veins
– Night cramps

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