The hidden fat disease that impacts 1 in 11 Aussie women

Vein Disease

Lipoedema is a heartbreaking fat disorder – fat that cannot be lost by diet or exercise – unlike the normal fat related to obesity.

Many women with lipoedema hide away, embarrassed and insecure about the condition.

They are frequently – and frustratingly – told by GPs simply to “lose weight”, because the condition is mistakenly often misdiagnosed as obesity.

Phlebologist Dr David Huber in this video explains the difference between lipoedema, lymphoedema and normal, everyday garden variety fat – and why the condition can impact veins.

Josephine and Lisa

Two patients, Josephine and Lisa explain what you can do to help prevent lipoedema impacting your health – from swimming in a pool (compression therapy) through to what to eat and what not to eat.

Outside of physical disfigurement lipoedema frequently goes hand in hand with joint pain, legs that bruise easily, double-jointedness, depression and anxiety.

We are delighted to partner with lipoedema patients and practitioners, to help educate patients and GPs on this devastating condition which causes many women to feel like prisoners in their own body.

Watch two inspiring patients bravely face the cameras about their battle with lipoedema here.  

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