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Vascular Experts With over 30 Years Experience Delivering Specialised Treatment.

The Art of Vein Care traces it’s origin back thirty years, when Dr David Huber set up the first specialised vascular surgery practice in Wollongong in 1990.  At that time, specialised training for vascular surgeons was new to Australia, and Dr Huber was one of the first.  He completed his general surgery in Sydney, specialised for three years in London, and then completed the new Australian vascular surgical training on return to Sydney.

A vascular surgeon’s work means working with arteries and veins, which he did for many years in both the public and the private hospital systems. As the field of vascular surgery advanced, open surgery with long hospital recovery times began to give way to endovascular surgery and minimally invasive procedures.  That has meant shorter hospital stays, and for many patients, no need for hospitalisation at all.

Since then we have seen new research, new techniques and new guidelines for venous (vein) disease. As an example, the NICE guidelines no longer recommend stripping of varicose veins. There has been a revolution in how we regard and how and when we treat varicose veins. The knowledge and research has given birth to a whole new speciality, phlebology, the science and art of treating veins.

Continuing education is a priority for our practice.  Dr Huber has fostered and mentored hundreds of junior doctors.  He lectures students at the Wollongong University Graduate School of Medicine.  He has a long association with ultrasound labs and the training of specialist vascular sonographers. Currently the practice has two specialty sonographers and one receptionist who is doing the entry exams so that she too can embark on the four year course.

Ultrasound is a vital adjunct to phlebology, because it is a non-invasive method of verifying a diagnosis, and a way of guiding treatment.  A phlebologist ‘visualises’ the veins on the ultrasound screen while treating veins, so it is a very accurate approach.

Clinical Associate Professor Huber is a qualified phlebologist (expert in vein care) and sonographer as well as a general surgeon and vascular surgeon, but he now works as a phlebologist only.  His extensive education and experience means he takes a holistic view of his patients, even though he only treats vein disease.

You can make a booking with our specialist doctor in our comfortable clinics which are located in Wollongong, South West Sydney and Orange. Book an appointment today!  Modern treatments. Services: Excess sweat treatments, varicose veins.

Our Standard of Care 

Our Standard of Care 

Our Standard of Care 

Our Standard of Care

The entire team at The Art of Vein Care is dedicated to the best possible patient experience and care. We offer a thorough and specialised vein service, from modern non invasive treatments for varicose veins and spider veins, to gentle, patient care for difficult and slow to heal venous ulcers, and treatments for all other venous diseases. Our doctors will always take the time to listen to our patients, to make sure they are confident and comfortable to join the decision making process regarding suitable treatments.

We offer comprehensive evidence based treatments, nearly all of which can be done in our modern, beautifully equipped procedure rooms, thus avoiding the need for a hospital stay. We are a medical clinic, not a cosmetic one, and we pay attention to technical details to ensure the best possible result. Our treatments are ultrasound guided, meaning that you can be sure we are always accurate and effective. We also offer a unique treatment for excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the axilla.

miraDry is the only TGA approved treatment for permanent dramatic reduction of underarm sweat odour and hair, in a single treatment.  Over 90% of patients need one treatment only for permanent results.

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