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Who is miradry for?
miraDry is for anyone bothered by underarm sweat and odour.

There are other treatments, like Botox, but effects are temporary, approximately 4-7 months. And miraDry is more effective for odour. Some patients have true hyperhidrosis, and others would simply prefer not to have to use deodorant or have stained clothing. How much sweat is too much sweat is a personal decision.

Don’t I need my sweat glands to keep my body cool?
Yes, sweating does cool your body. miraDry will stop the glands under your arms from working, which is only 2% of sweat glands. You will still be able to keep your body cool.
What complications could be possible?
The risk of infection is one in 500. This would be treated with antibiotics.

There is an allergy rate to the local anaesthetic (lignocaine) but that is very rare

How many treatments will I need?
Over 90% of patients need only one treatment for long lasting results. If after 6 months you would like a further reduction in sweating then another treatment can be done.
How effective is miradry?
Patients can expect an average of 82% sweat reduction and 80% odour reduction.

There is also a hair loss of about 70%

How long does it take?
Treatment generally takes about an hour and 30 mins
How safe is it?
Over 140,000 treatments have been done worldwide. It has FDA, EU and TGA approval.

The TGA approval covers both sweat and odour.

Is there pain or downtime?
We offer our patients numbing cream to dull the sting of the local anaesthetic, and the treatment is not painful. We give icepacks to reduce inflammation and swelling afterwards.

Downtime is no vigorous exercise or swimming for a couple of days. Most patients return to regular activity like work immediately. You can expect swelling, numbness, bruising and sensitivity in the armpits for some days or weeks. Generally one needs to use medications such as Panadol and Nurofen for about 18hrs