Don’t sweat the sweat!


What can be done about heavy sweating or hyperhidrosis – a medical condition that impacts 1 in 100 people – including some of the world’s biggest celebrities..

Twilight celebrity Robert Pattison discussed his excessive sweating during the filming of an intimate scene in the 2022 hit movie Batman, while Halle Berry has revealed her propensity to sweat on Ellen.

“In years past heavy sweating has been an often difficult and embarrassing condition to treat, often staining clothes and leaving patients concerned about odour,” says Phlebologist Dr David Huber from the Art of Vein Care Gregory Hills and Wollongong.

But he says hyperhidrosis, can now be treated non-invasively in about an hour and a half, with no downtime, in a procedure known as miraDry®.”

He says the treatment has been clinically proven to reduce sweat and underarm odour by 80% and remove 70% of hair in one procedure.

Nine out of ten people need only one treatment and it is a highly effective non-invasive treatment.
“The therapy works by delivering targeted thermal energy to the sweat and odour glands and eliminates them.
“It is considered a permanent procedure as the glands are unable to grow back.”

See to schedule a bulk-billed sweat treatment consultation with us (with GP referral).

All procedures have risks. All results are individual. Speak to your doctor about sweat symptoms.
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