New South Wales lockdown and your health care


We are now facing unprecedented restrictions on our movements and many patients are calling to ask whether they can attend their appointments with us for consults, ultrasound scans and treatments for their varicose veins and other vein issues.

  1. There are several aspects to the answers to their questions.In a media release on August 14  the Premier of NSW and her Minister for Police and Emergency Services it is stated “in Greater Sydney and other lockdown areas, the 10 kilometre rule will be reduced from 12.01 Monday August 16, with shopping, exercise and outdoor recreation to be done in a person’s local government area (LGA) or, if outside their LGA within 5 kilometres from home only.”

In plain English: stay in your LGA.  If you leave your LGA you may travel up to 5 kms outside it.  These limits apply to shopping, exercise and outdoor recreation.   

There is no limit made for doctor’s visits.

2. There is no need to isolate for 14 days after leaving your LGA if you left to visit a doctor.Medical and health service providers are exempt from many of the restrictions, though they must follow the Covid safe rules (mask wearing, Covid-19 safety plan, mandatory electronic check in [QR code]).

3. The President of the AMA (NSW) advises people should continue to seek their normal healthcare during Covid-19.  On Sunday 14thAugust Mr Barilaro, Deputy Premier of NSW, said people should still go to their doctors.

4. Healthcare is one of the four reasons you can leave home.  Government advice is not to delay seeking the healthcare you need, for an existing condition or new symptoms.  You can talk to your health provider if you have concerns about how to access your care safely.  Healthcare services have adapted to make it easier to access care, and face to face services remain possible with infection protection measures, hygiene and social distancing measures in place.Of course, if you prefer, we can reschedule your appointment.  

Please get in touch, make that call, and if you need an appointment, we will support you with the best care possible.

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