Don’t sweat it: smart dressing hacks for people with hyperhidrosis


For people with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), the uncomfortable and embarrassing condition can make daily living a challenge.
“Excessive sweating can be quite distressing for patients,” says Dr David Huber, Phlebologist from The Art of Vein Care Gregory Hills, Wollongong and Orange.
He says some simple dressing tips and other natural measures can help with milder cases of sweat such as:
– Dressing in layers “as a rule of thumb” whatever the season. In the winter months, start with a thin layer of cotton clothing, and top with loose warm clothes. When it’s chilly, where a cotton long-sleeve shirt under a jacket or jumper. During summer months wear a tank under a regular shirt. That way you always take off a top layer.
– Choose natural fibres such as cotton, silk and wool
– Opt for darker colours to help conceal sweat marks
– If feet are the issue wear sandals or go barefoot if warm enough, and otherwise use athletic socks designed to soak up sweat
– Opt for cotton or leather shoes
– Always use an antiperspirant rather than deodorant as antiperspirants target sweat glands directly and are more powerful
– Avoid hot places, spicy foods and drinks
– If all else fails, speak to your doctor about excessive armpit sweat
“Simple measures can be useful in milder cases of sweat, however quite often this is not enough to control super sweating of the armpits which can now be treated non-invasively in about an hour and a half,” says Dr Huber.
He says the procedure called miraDry® has no downtime, and has been clinically proven to remove sweat and underarm odour, with long lasting results.
“The therapy works by delivering pinpointed thermal energy to the region of the arm that contains the sweat and odour glands and eliminates these glands.
“The spin-off effect is that it also removes about 70% of armpit hair at the same time.
“It is considered a permanent procedure as the glands are unable to grow back.”

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All results are individual all procedures have risks. Speak to your doctor about your vein symptoms.

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