Celebrities who’ve learnt not to sweat the sweat…

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Down-to-earth journalist, mum, author, podcaster and TV presenter Jessica Rowe has previously talked about wearing sanitary pads under her sweaty armpits and using a hair dryer to dry sweat.
Desperate to hide the dark sweat patches from showing on the air, Jess followed the advice of her mum and tried to cover the problem.

“My mum suggested I put sanitary pads in my jacket. But it didn’t work! All it did was give me fat armpits!” she has previously told Now To Love (the digital network for Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Day).

And Jess is not the only one.

Funny man Steve Carrell is another known to be a big sweater; actress Cameron Diaz has often been photographed with sweaty armpits, while Oscar award-winning actress and model Halle Berry bravely showed the world her sweat-stained armpits live on Ellen to highlight the condition of excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis – the medical term for excess sweating – impacts about 1 in 100 people.
“In decades past excessive sweating and the body odour that accompanies it has been a difficult condition to treat,” says Phlebologist Dr David Huber from Art of Vein Care Gregory Hills, Orange and Wollongong.
“But excessive sweating can now be treated in 1.5 hours non-invasively, in a procedure known as miraDry®.”
He says the treatment has been clinically proven to remove sweat and underarm odour and removes 70% of armpit hair in a single procedure.
He says nine out of 10 people need only a single treatment.
“The therapy works by delivering pinpointed thermal energy to the region of the arm that contains the sweat and odour glands and eliminates them.
“It is considered a permanent procedure as the glands are unable to grow back.”

If embarrassing underarm sweat patches or odour are bothersome see www.theartofveincare.com.au to schedule a bulk-billed sweat treatment consultation with us (with GP referral).

All procedures have risks. All results are individual.

Jessica Rowe: Courtesy Eva Rinaldi, Wikipedia
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