Should I complete my family before I have my varicose veins treated?

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In the days when open surgery was the main treatment of varicose veins (usually stripping), many doctors felt that treatment should be left until after the family had been completed.

The reason for that opinion was that “recurrent” varicose veins were difficult to treat.  The cause of the veins coming back was “neovascularisation”.  Neovascularisation is the development of new vessels which form through the scar tissue in the groin where the vein which was feeding the varicose veins was tied off and removed as part of the stripping procedure.  When the varicose veins recurred, the neovascularisation had to be dissected and tied off again.  “Redo” surgery was more difficult and has higher complication rates than the initial surgery.  Also, the results were not as good.  With endovenous management, neovascularisation is uncommon and treatment of it is much easier especially with medical glue.

These days, with minimally invasive treatments (such as endovenous laser, radiofrequency and medical glue), recurrences are much easier to treat with very low complication rates and good results.  Women complete their family much later these days and don’t want to put up with varicose veins when they are young (both from the cosmetic point of view as well as the discomfort).

Treating varicose veins before the family is completed is a perfectly reasonable form of management as long as the initial and any subsequent treatment is non-surgical.

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