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The highly effective state of the art treatments we offer at our practice are ‘minimally invasive’, meaning they are quicker and safer, with much less disruption to your routine and much speedier recovery.

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miraDry – No Sweat, No Stress!

No Sweat No Stress with MiraDry

Permanently reduce underarm sweat and odour

It can limit your activities and restrict what you can wear, as well as sapping your confidence. No one wants sweaty, smelly armpits.

If excessive sweating and odour are having a negative impact on you, consider a free consultation with our team

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31 January 2021

COVID-19 Update

Dear patients and referring doctors,

Our practices and ultrasound laboratories will remain open as an essential service for the care of our patients in Wollongong, Gregory Hills and Orange.

We are following all the safety protocols that have been advised, including social distancing, checking travel and health histories, and taking the temperatures of Dr Huber, all staff, patients and companions.

Need to reschedule?

We can reschedule appointments if people are unwell or have travelled recently, or if they have been in contact with someone who is unwell. Please phone:

This awful pandemic will affect us all, we are all in this together, but please keep your social distance.

with the kindest regards,

The Art of Vein Care team